The original Papa Vito’s opened in 1991 in Waterloo.

Word quickly spread about the robust homemade flavors being created in the small pizzeria, and soon people flocked from miles around to taste the Geoppo family recipes.

Our current location on West Mill Street is small, but it is the perfect spot for our parents to create the “family” atmosphere they dreamed of when they founded Papa Vito’s.

They both still work in the kitchen, hand-crafting each pizza, sandwich and salad to meet the same standards of quality they achieve when they cook for us, their own kids and grandkids.

Though there aren’t many tables in the Waterloo restaurant, they’re almost always full. Folks love to dine-in and swap stories with our parents.

It is here in this location that dad’s motto, “Our customers are our friends, and our friends are our family,” was born.

Tuesday - Thursday
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