We opened our Downtown Belleville Papa Vito’s in 2011.

Originally built in 1852, this building has quite the history. Samuel Stookey, a wealthy land speculator, built the original structure as his private residence. He later gave the home to his daughter Hannah when she wed Enoch Primm in 1863.

The Primms owned the home until 1904 when it became the Evangelical Zion Lutheran Grade School. Our father, the founder of Papa Vito’s, would later attend this school.

The building at 318 East Washington Street was later remodeled and turned into a restaurant. It has been home to Diamond Lil’s, The Carriage House, The Belleville House and The Pasta House Co.

The Papa Vito’s family is proud to call this unique and historical building home. And according to legend, we’re not the only ones. . .

For many years people have suspected a ghostly presence resides at 318 East Washington. Employees and even psychics have reported unexplained phenomena.

Could it be the spirit of an old school marm nicknamed Effie? Or an old stagecoach driver named Charlie who made his last stop at the location?

GhostFind even investigated Papa Vito’s in Downtown Belleville in 2012. Click here to see what they found.

Better yet, stop by our Downtown Belleville location yourself to try our fantastic food, grab a drink, and check out our historically “haunted” building for yourself!

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